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Write-Offs: 08.26.10

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$$$Happy news: "the recent plunge in national home sales hasn't deflated prices for trophy properties in Long Island's beach playground to the rich." [WSJ]

$$$UBS can close the chapter on the suspected tax evaders now,” said Franco Taisch, a professor of business law at the University of Lucerne. “The bank has overcome that burden and can focus on its future business.” [Bloomberg]

$$$ "He then called public safety. While waiting for public safety, he came onto the field and started intentionally interfering with the game. He picked up third base and threw it over the fence. He then walked over to second and picked it up and held it. My advisor, a professor, tried to take the base back and Will dared him to tackle him." [Gawker]

$$$Goldman Sachs keeping Chris Christie comfortable. [NJ]

$$$ A Finance Career Coach's Guide to Surviving on Wall Street [FINS]

$$$Zandi predicts 1 in 3 chance of recession [Bloomberg]