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Ben Bernanke, Trendsetter?

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Ben Bernanke, December 16, 2009: “I’ve got a driver’s license, my American Express card, a debit card, a Jos. [A.] Bank card where I get my suits, I have a health insurance card. And then I have a variety of other cards, phone numbers, United Airlines, frequent flyer. And I have $45…$75…$85. I’m all set.”

NYP, on Georgio Gucci, September 24, 2010: "The fashion heir was forced to buy a $450 suit from menswear retailer JoS. A. Bank for his appearance before Congress yesterday. The impeccably dressed Italian's luggage was lost by US Airways on a flight from Madrid to Philadelphia on Monday. Giorgio -- whose grandfather Guccio founded the House of Gucci in 1905 -- had to scramble to find something to wear before his speech on Capitol Hill."


BloombergTV Floored By The Revelation Ben Bernanke Owns Jeans

And wears them! In public! Where people can see him! The previously held assumption that he eats, sleeps, and showers exclusively in suits from Jos A. Bank hath been shattered! (This is almost as disorienting as the time Alan Greenspan was spotted in a tank top and cutoffs while running errands, though not nearly as bad as when the neighborhood kids got an eyeful the time came out to yell at them wearing only slipper-socks and his wife's dressing gown!) Jackson Hole Preview: Bernanke Goes Super-Casual [BloombergTV]