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Blind Item: Which Firm Employs An Investor Relations Girl Sending Out The Following Pitch To Family And Friends?

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From: [redacted]
Subject: I need a job! Help me guys!


I have a really interesting situation - and it's an incredibly long story with a series of events so I'm not gonna bore anyone by getting into details (if you really wanna know call me) but in brief I've gotten a threat from my CEO that he will mark my series 7 license saying that I stole confidential clientele information from the firm and gave it to another shop on the street - all of this is FALSE and my CEO also pounded me because he said he knows my resume is floating around (I've been desperately job hunting for two months now) - I have to get the fuck out of this firm before the SEC raids this place - they have a TERRIBLE reputation on Wall Street for unethical business practices. I feel like my resume keeps getting shot down because people know how bad it is here. Anyways I'm stuck, I'm miserable and I need everyone's help to pass my resume along to anyone you know who can help me out in the NYC area - I'm open to any opportunity available! Your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!