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Business Leader Of Tomorrow Develops And Patents Best Practice Rules Vis-A-Vis The Term "Yo"

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"When Ray Land launched Fabulous Coach Co., a Brandford, Fla., transportation business in 2004, the then shaggy-haired teen struggled to recruit drivers—and eventually gave in and trimmed his hair. "They didn't say it was because of my age, but that's what I've always thought," says Mr. Land, who is now 23 years old. "I keep a very professional look and try to be cautious in how I talk to people. I don't use the word 'yo.' "Still, Mr. Land says it can be tough for some of his 76 employees to see him as an authority figure, particularly those with children around his age. Some have told him they think of him as a son; others have referred to him as "the boy." Mr. Land says the success of the company—which he says now posts $4 million in annual sales—helped boost his image among staff. "Once you can prove to them that there's a reason you're in your position, it's a lot easier for them to respect you," says Mr. Land. Although some employees are going overboard, asking for advice on everything from mortgages to relationships. "It's crazy," says Mr. Land. "I still live at home with my parents." [WSJ]