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Class Is In Session, With Professor Bartiromo

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Have you ever found yourself watching Closing Bell on CNBC and cursing the fact that it's only two hours? Wishing you could get more of Maria Bartiomo's market moving insight? If you're a Stern student, now you can. The noted business is sharing her wisdom this semester, in a seminar called "Global Markets and Normative Frameworks."

From: Office of Records and Registration

Date: September 3, 2010 10:26:31 AM EDT

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Dear Students,

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new course: B55.3105- Seminar: Global Markets and Normative Frameworks. The 1.5-credit course will meet this Fall on six Tuesday evenings from 6-9, September 28 - December 7. Refer to the course description below and the more detailed syllabus, attached.

Registration is currently open, but seats are limited. If you are interested in this course, you may register now at

FACULTY: Maria Bartiromo, Anchor, CNBC, NYU Stern Adjunct Professor; Tim Collins, CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, Adjunct Professor, NYU Stern Adjunct Professo

Despite the globalization of markets, vast increases in personal connectivity, and the alleged flattening of the planet, there remains today a great diversity of views, values, traditions, and sources of political legitimacy at work in the world. Trends toward global uniformity continue to clash with the stubborn particularities of individual cultures, religions, and histories. In economics, politics, and ethics, there still is no consensus, Washington or otherwise.

Convened by CNBC Anchor Maria Bartiromo and global private equity leader Tim Collins, this seminar is designed to be a provocative exploration of cultural normative differences and their impact on global organizations. Its premise is that the aspiring leader of a global enterprise - whether business or political or educational - must confront, analyze, and where possible reconcile the complexities and tensions at work in the world. Its objective is to bring students to a heightened, more nuanced understanding of the interplay of global forces and local norms.

This seminar draws upon academic research, trade books, press readings, and case studies. To bring these issues to life, the course will also present an array of guest speakers, all of whom have been actors in this global process, each with a particular expertise. In class discussion and lectures, and through questions and answers with the visitors, students will develop an appreciation for the intricacies of operating in the heterogeneous global environment, recognizing the unique elements of national character, government structures, and local normative frameworks.

The course will comprise six Tuesday evening sessions, from 6:00-9:00, spread across the entire Fall Term 2010. The first session is on 9/28, and the last on 12/7. Sessions in between will be scheduled on Tuesdays according to schedule constraints of guests. Attendance is required. To encourage a diverse set of viewpoints and permit intensive engagement with guest speakers, enrollment will be limited and students will be drawn from across the graduate schools of NYU.

Update: Apparently the class "closed out within 10 minutes."