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Confidential To Any Hedge Fund Managers Looking To Distract Clients From Dismals Returns At Next Investor Dinner

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And/or just get people to say "this fund goes the extra mile." Get in touch with this guy.

"Many a financial advisor will host a conventional dinner event in the name of client prospecting. But Joe Ventura throws an elaborate Spanish-themed bash for 100-plus investors and comes dressed as Zorro. Or he takes them on a train for a re-creation of "Murder on the Orient Express." Or he packs them in a faux-casino for a night of Vegas-style fun (alas, with fake money). Call it prospecting meets over-the-top partying. It's a formula that's worked for Ventura, manager and owner of William Tell Financial Services in Albany, N.Y., for more than a decade. "I wanted to shock people and have them say, 'Boy, you should have been at the party this broker sent me to,'" says Ventura. The actor-turned-advisor says his love of theater played a big role in his decision and ability to host such events. He typically does one or two annually, inviting a mix of prospects and established clients. The cost: As much as $6,000-plus per event, though Ventura sometimes defrays the expenses by getting other financial companies—say, an annuity provider—to help sponsor the event.