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Financial Services Employees Offer Words Of Wisdom, Tepid Enthusiasm For Money Never Sleeps, Night Of Love And Desktop Wallpaper

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Iggy Ioppe. Colin Butler. Greg Hold. Three "finance powerhouses" who "play hard" for "the thrill of the game itself." Somehow they managed to find time in their schedules to help promote Money Never Sleeps. This involves telling us their favorite Wall Street quotes, of course, but also their relationship statuses (all singles, ladies!), and market musings. (For instance, Greg, founder of Hold Brothers, appreciates that "The markets are fair. They don’t care who your daddy is." Colin, VP of institutional trading at Caris & Co has learned that "You’ve got to come to work each morning ready to bite the ass off a bear." Iggy, a prop trader at Credit Suisse loves the confluence of "society, economy, politics.") There's also this:

Gregory Hold, Colin Butler, Iggy Ioppe