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Forbes Rich List Provides Much Needed Pick-Me-Up For John Paulson

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His flagship fund, the Paulson Advantage Plus, was said to be down 11 percent for the year through September which can't feel good, but today brought the news that he moved up over a dozen slots to clock in as the second wealthiest hedge fund manager in America, second only to George Soros. Also exciting is Tom Barrack making the list for the first year, meaning he maybe have the necessary cash to hire the cast of his favorite flick, Twilight, for a live action performance at this year's Colony Capital holiday party, rather than just screening a bootleg version of the film. [FINalternatives]


John Paulson Is Up

For the year beginning Dec. 1. Otherwise, things are not so good.

Whatever Doesn't Kill John Paulson Makes Him Stronger

At this point, the hedge fund manager could bench press a dozen Bloomberg terminals.