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Goldman Sachs First Year Analyst Also Budding Hip-Hop Artist

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Allen Mask is a twenty-two year old new hire at Goldman Sachs and while the bank generally frowns upon employees making statements to the press or speaking to the outside world at large in general, that's too bad because he's a got a few things to say, such as “Wish I had a girl I would call her…and tell her throw away the Domino’s meet me at Delmonico’s. I’d wear the finest of designer clothes,” and more in his debut album titled Pilot Season.

Meet The Future Hip-Hop Star Who's Now And Investment Banker At Goldman Sachs [NetNet]


Goldman Sachs Does Not Look Kindly Upon First Year Analysts Who Plan In Advance

Pop-quiz: you're a first year analyst at Goldman Sachs, with a little more than twelve months left until your two year commitment is over and you are free to take a job elsewhere. Do you A) take part in private equity and hedge fund recruiting now, and, if someone was particularly impressed with your junior mistmaking skills, accept an offer for a gig beginning in June 2013 or B) tell the buyside you are sorry but are prohibited from engaging in such activities at this time, as they would pose a conflict of interest for Goldman Sachs? At this time, GS JM's believe the correct answer is A, while higher-ups, who believe there is a firm policy in place that says no analyst shall take part in recruiting until six months from the time they've finished the two year program, are going with B. So now this is happening: Goldman has been firing IBD first year analysts with buyside offers. Senior people are calling up funds to ask if any analysts have received offers from them. A bunch have been cut so far. A bunch, we're told, is in the ballpark of four, which seems like enough to put the fear of god into people.

First Year Bank Analysts Who Thought They'd Be Running The Show 6 Months In Are Angry

But not at themselves for apparently not knowing what the job of first year analyst entails.