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Help Me To Understand: How Stalking Kenneth Starr's Pole Dancing Wife Is Going To Clear Wesley Snipes' Name On Tax Evasion

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As is widely known, Wesley Snipes was found guilty of tax evasion a little while back, a charge which the actor believes to be bull shit. Because he would prefer not to go to prison for three years, Wes is attempting to appeal the verdict. Separately, Snipes was once a client of accused Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr, who it came out several months ago had screwed a bunch of investors out of a bunch of money. These are two seemingly unrelated matters. And yet, today there is this:

The pole-dancer wife of accused Ponzi schemer Ken Starr claims private eyes for Wesley Snipes have been stalking her in a bid to find evidence to clear the actor of tax charges.

What? How? How does this make sense? What sort of evidence is the pole dancer going to have that will somehow prove Wes did not in fact fail to pay his taxes? And let's just pretend she did have something [even though she doesn't], say, in her br-- why does she have to be stalked to get it? Am I insane or is he?

Also, I don't know if this is relevant to the situation but: "I'm talking with pay-per-view TV about a pole-dancing competition. I ran one last year and it will soon be screened on a Romanian sports network," Passage said.