Hipsters Take Page From David Einhorn, John Paulson's Playabooks


"I expect gold to double. At least to double," says Adam Gold, a Brooklyn filmmaker, who's at the East Village bar Arlo and Esme, mingling at a meet up event with fellow supporters of Texas congressman Ron Paul. Paul is a big fan of gold and believes ever since the U.S. went off the gold standard in the 1970s, the government has been able to print money "out of thin air," eroding the value of the dollar. Adam Gold invests in the yellow metal through a broker, who holds it on the filmmaker’s behalf in vaults around the country. "I'm not yet to the point, although I may well get there, where I actually physically hold the gold in a safe in my apartment," Gold says. Cris Rodriguez, on the other hand, does keep his gold nearby, at an undisclosed location. The 29-year-old NYU graduate, who works in music production, says every three months he scrapes together enough money to buy coins directly from gold dealers in Manhattan. "I don't have a tremendous amount of money to invest but I'd rather start off as a base owning the physical gold," Rodriguez says. [WNYC via DI]