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Ken Griffin Showing Potential Investors How Much He Cares

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There are people, let's just call them ingrates, who were Citadel investors during the annus motherfucking horribilis that shall not speak its name who would like you to think that Ken Griffin doesn't care about his clients. There are other people, let's just call them schmucks, who were not Citadel investors at that time and nor have they ever been, who would like to stick their noses where they don't belong and tell you, “Investors will never forget how Citadel acted in 2008." You should listen to neither of them-- they know not of which they speak. Ken Griffin loves his investors. In fact, he doesn't even think of them as "investors" but as members of the family. A family he'd like to grow. So let Ken Griffin show that love. Let him show it up and down the eastern seabord.

Citadel LLC is considering cutting fees on its two main funds as it attempts to attract clients during the worst climate for raising money in two decades, said two people with knowledge of the firm’s plans.

Eh? EH? And that's not all:

Citadel also may make it easier for clients to withdraw money from their funds, said the people, who asked not to be named because the information isn’t public. Some investors in the two funds can take out money quarterly, subject to restrictions.