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Ken Griffin Wants A Piece Of You

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A very wise man once said, "Risk is what you make of it." Whether it was walking over a chasm without the proper gear, being leveraged 40 to 1 in October 2008 or getting in the car to drive hundreds of miles for a milkshake when you know full well your wife said NO DAIRY, this part-time philosopher has long known there's potential rewards to taking a big leap. And now he wants to take another one-- on you.

Which is to say: Citadel is hiring! The firm is opening a new office in Boston and is planning to let upwards of 30 budding investors play with client money for a couple years before going forth and starting your own mini Citadels.

The part of the firm that’s expanding to Boston is hiring investment professionals who want to move to a hedge fund model, with a big name behind them. So far, Citadel has hired three managers, including Michael Elvin, a former technology sector specialist for Pyramis Global Advisors, a unit of Fidelity Investments. The office could grow to 30 or 40 people over the next year, according to Jon P. Venetos, a Citadel managing director, who is overseeing the launch of the Boston office on State Street. “We’re hopeful that we can create the next layer of brightest and most talented money managers,’’ Venetos said. Under this venture, managers run Citadel money for two years, building a track record they can use later to raise money from outside investors. Citadel says it will help the managers raise that money, while retaining the right to invest themselves.

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