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Mike Mayo: Not Even A Strapping Greek God Could Save Citi At This Point

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Recently, Mike Mayo has gotten into a bit of public with Citigroup. To recap, a few weeks back, the analyst started telling clients and whoever else will listen that the bank is inflating its profits and needs to a write down $50 billion of deferred-tax assets. For the offense, Citi apparently froze Mayo out, denying him any and all access to Vikram Pandit. This, being the worst thing you can do to a person, made Mayo hit harder, musing that maybe we can't trust Citi at all. Somewhere along the way Charlie Gasparino got wind of all this and made it public, meaning Citi had to be all, "Mike Mayo? LOVVVVE him. There's no freeze out, Vik's just been really busy finalizing his fantasy football team, is all." Citi has graciously extended an offer for Mayo to come over on October 1, which he's accepted, at which time they probably think a little face time and sweet talking from Uncle Vik will be all that's necessary to get Michael to upgrade Citi to "fucking awesome" in his book. According to Charlie Gasparino, that may not be the case. Mayo's next note will more likely be along the lines of "we are about two quarters from consigning this dump to the scrap heap of corporate history."