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Obama In The House

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11:57: According to CNBC, the prez is still in make-up.

12:02: And we're off.

12:05: Will they deviate from the script? Will there be any outbursts from the audience? Will Kudlow emerge from the shadows, run on stage and light himself on fire?

12:10: Lady with two kids in private school is "tired of defending" Obama, waiting for change. Prez: "we're moving in that direction."

12:16: John Harwood wants to know if he agrees with people like Ken Langone who say the Prez treats the business community like villains. Obama: grow a pair. "The financial markets are stabilized; taxes haven't increased on businesses; only thing we've said is we have to make sure we're not doing some of the things we did in the past that got us into this mess"

12:19: THIRTY YEAR OLD LAWYER WHO SOUNDS LIKE HE'S ABOUT TO START CRYING SAYS HE CAN'T EVEN START THINKING ABOUT STARTING A FAMILY OR GETTING MARRIED BECAUSE IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE. (Do we think McTears has a girlfriend? Or is he just hypothetically thinking about the old ball and chain spending all this money?)

12:29 Obama would love to give the top 2 percent of earners a tax cut and lower the deficit but he "just doesn't have the math."

12:38: Georgetown MBA candidate wants to know what Obama will do if tea-baggers are elected.

12:45: Anthony Scaramucci book-ends question ("When are you going to stop taking a whack at the Wall Street pinata?") with repeated joke about fouling Obama when while "playing hoops" together at Harvard Law, which he definitely practiced in his bathroom mirror and when the camera cut away flashed a smirk to the guy sitting next to him that said "nailed it."

Barack finds it amusing that anyone would say Wall Street has been beat up when it feels like the middle class that's taken the beating.

Obama knows and went to school with many hedge fund managers. Having said that, he's not going to kowtow to them when they ask to be taxed at the same rate as their secretaries.

1:02: Before he goes to bed every night and before he wakes up every morning Obama thinks about how he's going to grow the economy.

1:04 FYI, "If we stay on a course that gets us back to old fashioned values of looking after one another we'll be back on track."