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Poker Celeb Seeks Career Advice

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"Greetings Dealbreaker,

I am a senior in college in need of some advice. I'm hoping your readership can help me out."

"I attend an average state school and have a fairly low GPA. This coming May I will be graduating with a degree in Business. I'm confident I will do well in finance and working with risk management (I put myself through school playing poker) but expect to have some trouble getting my foot in the door and landing a job due to my weak credentials. At this point I think I'm just looking for an opportunity that will get me my Series 7 and then proceed from there. I could include more details about my ambitions if you're interested. If you post this I ask that you please remove my name from the email though (yes, even my first name) because I have a fairly high profile within the poker community and many of those same people read financial blogs such as this one.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!"