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Think Twice Before Saying No To That Naked Camping Trip With The Office

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Backwoods dildo adventures. Par for the course at many of the tri-state area's most prestigious hedge funds. Most people know this is coming when they sign on, and the various reasons why it'll make them a valuable member of the team. Shame that makes you stronger and all that jazz. Still, for some, it can come as a shock when they initially read the email from the boss telling everyone to pack their bags for a trip that will foster a “mature sense of masculinity" among the group. They might even refuse to take part in the event, which could spell serious trouble in the form of negative reviews, shitty bonuses and even termination. We bring this up today so you don't make that mistake, like Steve Eggleston, who would probably go back in time and whittle his own "wooden phallus" if he knew then what he knows now.

Fun as it all might sound, a lawyer in California took offense when his boss suggested that it would be a good idea to sign up for the $650 New Warrior Training Adventure, described on the website of a group called the ManKind Project as “a modern male initiation and self-examination.” In a lawsuit filed in a California court on Aug. 31, Steven Eggleston, a chiropractor-turned-negligence lawyer, said he was getting paid $15,000 a month until he refused to go to a secluded warrior weekend in the mountains of Santa Barbara. Before you knew it, Eggleston’s compensation was down to zero, according to the complaint, and the boss had gotten so hostile that Eggleston says he had to quit.

Brian Chase, one of Eggleston’s former bosses and a partner at Bisnar/Chase LLP in Newport Beach, California, says it’s true that the firm’s owner, John Bisnar, suggested Eggleston go to the warrior weekend, but it was “not a requirement of employment.” The firm had an agreement to pay Eggleston a draw against the business he brought in, and Eggleston owed the firm money by the time he left, Chase said. He said there was no retaliation. Eggleston, of course, decided not to attend the warrior weekend, but Chase says that other employees at Bisnar/Chase have made the plunge and “always said it’s a great thing.”

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