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Unfounded Rumor Of The Afternoon: Goldman Sachs Partner To Grapple With The Question Of How One Throws A "Naked-Themed" Halloween Party, Food And Drink-Wise?

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Almost a year ago, at the height of the campaign to Hate on Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein issued an edict. Lay low. Do not draw attention to the firm. Do not purchase flashy items. Do not dump a bag of hundos on the floor, strip naked and roll around in them at your local watering hole. Don't even eat together outside the walls of headquarters if you know what's good for you. Lloyd wasn't telling people to not be themselves, just not to be themselves in public, where they could be readily identified as employees of Goldman Sachs. Naturally, the rule applied not only to first-year peons but the upper echelons of Goldman Sachs management as well. Which is why when he threw "a series of" topless parties in the Hamptons last summer, partner, managing director and hero to all Rick Kimball did so in the privacy of his Southampton rental. The same logic presumably applied during the planning of an upcoming "naked-themed Halloween party," supposedly taking place at his pad on Jane Street.

Word on the street is that as Goldman Sachs Director, Rick Kimball, continues to be celebrated within corporate headquarters, the Board of Directors of his apartment building on Jane Street, where he occupies the two story penthouse, on the other hand are not quite as thrilled with his performance. Numerous video tapes of him getting it on in the elevators and countless all night raves with flowing champagne and scantily clad nymphs, often on work nights; has finally rendered an apartment board vote last week of, "Your ass is out!," although this has not deterred his plans for a naked themed Halloween party on the 30th......I guess he figures he's already been booted, what the heck.

Lloyd would most likely have a serious problem with Kimball renting out, say, the floor of the NYSE for the event, but at his own place? Not much to complain about (except for the lack of an invite to the festivities). (NB: I called GS for confirmation of the soiree and was told nothing is planned "for Halloween," which may just be typical Master of the Universe sleight of hand, re: the 30th vs. the 31st.)