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Veteran Wall Street Exec Recommends You Slap On Some Make-Up

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A show of hands-- how many of you think your male colleagues wear make-up? You were going to say "none," right? Wrong, RuPaul. Statistically speaking, probably one-half to a third of your work pals are wearing some sort of lacquer right now, be it a little lip gloss or some bronzer and that doesn't even include the transvesite beauts. Now that that's out in the open you can finally stop being ashamed and start appreciating how this stuff is going to change your life. Like Jeffrey Lederer, the gentleman pictured here, checking himself out. What's he thinking about? I don't know, maybe about how at the age of 60+, he's reeling in tail 20 years his junior, the kind of puss a man by the same first name can only dream of bagging. Chick thought he was 25, all thanks to his friends at MAC.

One argument that men’s cosmetics are going mainstream: some men are not even self-conscious about using them. Jeffrey Lederer, 63, a principal in several investment partnerships and a former Wall Street trader, openly applies Menaji products — including a Bronze Star facial bronzing gel, concealer and anti-shine powder — after his workouts at a private Manhattan club.

“People are reticent to ask what they are, even though I think they’re interested,” Mr. Lederer said. “It does take a certain amount of self-confidence to use it in public.” Mr. Lederer, who wears tailor-made suits from Milan, called himself an “aesthetic person” who attains an “airbrushed look” from the cosmetics. “As I get older, the one thing you never want to do is look foolish, like dying one’s hair, which I think is probably the most obvious and egregious thing a man can do,” he said. “But I don’t think any of these products in any way makes the user look less respectable, or foolish, or less manly.”

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