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Want To Send Your New Spouse A Message Via Cake?

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Hey lovebirds! Anyone getting married soon? Want to communicate something to your new husband or wife? Want it to be, "I work all the time and I'll pencil you in when I can" and/or "I hate you"? Might we suggest the the following?

That's right it's a Bloomberg cake! And it certainly says something, does it not? Don't know much about the story behind the couple who commissioned this particular one (other than the groom's name, Matthew Kraeger, as it helpfully appears in the stack of papers next to the terminal, and his employer, BlackRock) but we did contact the artist and know that it was ordered last minute by the bride, it cost $1,500 and that it's a "groom cake" which is apparently a new trend wherein you have your regular cake and then a cake for the groom that's supposed to reflect his "interests."

Bloomberg Terminal Cake
[TBN via BI]
Pink Cake Box [PCB]


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