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What Do We Drink When We Drink To Get Shit-Faced Commuting Home To CT?

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As many of you are aware, some intimately, the right to get smashed on the ride home is one fiercely cherished and defended at all costs by Team CT Commute. It was something Metro North officials tried at various points over the last couple years to take away to no success. "They'll have to pry this Tall Boy from my kung-fu like grip," more than a few people slurred, getting confrontational. It also wasn't enough to simply be able to purchase booze on board, but highly necessary to have the space to "stand around and talk," mix it up with fellow financial services hacks and make new "business contacts," rather than sit at banquette-style tables with some asshole you already know from work, a war currently being fought as designs for new cars and their bar cars are finalized.

Strangely, though, we've never discussed what exactly one is pounding in the 39 to 55 minutes you have before getting off. Luckily, the Times has investigated the situation.

In what should come as a massive shock, riders of the Metro-North are "rarely" seen knocking back a nice rosé, though, of course, sometime the situations calls for it. Usually, though, when wine is consumed, it's white, "preferred at a two-to-one ratio to red." Beer is the best seller and accounts for "more than half of all drink purchases," with about 45% of those purchases being some sort of Budwesier. As for the hard stuff, one bar wench feared losing her job for divulging the trade secrets of her riders but took a risk anyway.

Vodka is far more popular than other spirits, making up half of all hard liquor sales. (One bartender, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of losing her job, confided that her stockbroker customers “all drink vodka,” while construction workers “are all about the beer.”) Gin and scotch are a distant second and third.

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