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Who Was Behind Ebonics-Inspired Name Of This Hedge Fund?

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So, there is a hedge fund run by two brothers, Abe and Jack Eisenstat, which is up almost 25 percent for the year. It's called Dabroes Management LP and is pronounced "Da Bros," according to the outgoing message on the firm's voicemail. Naturally, we need have some questions that need answering here. One, does a prospectus with the name DaBroes make you really want to invest or really really want to invest? Two, and more importantly, we need to know the genesis of the name. The bros previously worked for SAC Capital, and presumably approached Steve about investing-- did he give them money on the stipulation he got to name the thing and they had to go with whatever he came up with (which is how a recently launched long/short fund got the name Steers 'n Queers)? Do bros in fact come before hoes at DaBroes Management? Or are we going to be looking at a scene like this 8-12 months from now?


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