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Write-Offs: 09.03.10

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$$$ "Things To Do For Your Career This Labor Day Weekend" include "start a blog" and "become a human." [FINS]

$$$Buy Jamie Dimon's Chicago House For Just $6.95 Million (much less than the $13.5 million he originally wanted and just a smidge more than the $4.875 million he paid for it in 2004) [CBB]

$$$How Dick Fuld Prepared For His Big Day On Capitol Hill [NetNet]

$$$"Bess: Finally, Wall Street can buy their clothes from someone who gets it. Someone who could arguably be even more arrogant and pompous. With a comprehensive line of $500 shirts in all the exact same style (Stripes of Pride) in 5 different colors (white colors and French cuffs, of course) I expect to see Lloyd and Vikram wearing Stripes of Pride exclusively in the upcoming season. Part of the story of the brand launch: The timing couldn’t be worse yet couldn’t be better. It was the moment. The moment to finally start. The moment to launch the most luxurious fashion brand in the world. My dream for years. Not cowardly looking for other ways. Of course not. The opposite. Attack. Using Wall Street. The two words. The words that say it all. The metaphor for everything that is right. Right about Capitalism. Right about Liberty. Right about Happiness. And right about Life. CLHL. Stripes of Pride. Celebrating capitalism. Promoting happiness and supporting freedom. Calling my brand WallStreet Kingdom. I'm not going to spoil the glory of the Flash intro for you, but gird your loins and crank the volume. It's pretty intense." [WSK]

$$$Peter Orszag To The New York Times [WaPo]

$$$ Patrica Cohen is suing one of her lawyers. [PDF]

$$$Have a great weekend and see you Tuesday!