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And The Role Of Ben Bernanke In HBO's Too Big To Fail Goes To...Paul Giamatti

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I...what? Was this Alan Greenspan's idea (who suggested his part be played by David Hasselhoff)? Other interesting casting calls:

• Tony Shalhoub -- John Mack (he'd wanted Robert DeNiro, so, awk)
• James Woods -- Dick Fuld

More confirmed names:

• William Hurt -- Hank Paulson
• Topher Grace -- Jim Wilkinson
• Cynthia Nixon -- Michele Davis
• Billy Crudup -- Timothy Geithner
• Ed Asner -- Warren Buffett
• Kathy Baker -- Wendy Paulson
• Dan Hedaya -- Barney Frank
• Joey Slotnick -- Dan Jester
• Michael O’Keefe -- Chris Flowers
• Ayad Akhtar -- Neel Kashkari

Cynthia Nixon, Paul Giamatti Returning to HBO Via Wall St. [The Wrap]