And The Role Of Ben Bernanke In HBO's Too Big To Fail Goes To...Paul Giamatti


I...what? Was this Alan Greenspan's idea (who suggested his part be played by David Hasselhoff)? Other interesting casting calls:

• Tony Shalhoub -- John Mack (he'd wanted Robert DeNiro, so, awk)
• James Woods -- Dick Fuld

More confirmed names:

• William Hurt -- Hank Paulson
• Topher Grace -- Jim Wilkinson
• Cynthia Nixon -- Michele Davis
• Billy Crudup -- Timothy Geithner
• Ed Asner -- Warren Buffett
• Kathy Baker -- Wendy Paulson
• Dan Hedaya -- Barney Frank
• Joey Slotnick -- Dan Jester
• Michael O’Keefe -- Chris Flowers
• Ayad Akhtar -- Neel Kashkari

Cynthia Nixon, Paul Giamatti Returning to HBO Via Wall St. [The Wrap]