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Attorney Defending Mark and Andy Madoff Offers Interesting Theory For Why Suit Against Them Should Be Thrown Out

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Hey remember Mark and Andy Madoff, the spawns of Bernie whose lives were shook to the core when their father and former boss admitted to not exactly playing by the "rules" when it came to investing? Many assumed they had to have been in on the crime, given that they were the number two and three employees at the firm (though our personal conclusion was that given the photographic evidence that M&A spent 90% of their time fishing and posing, and the the himbo-esque looks on their faces) and for a while there it seemed like they were probably going to go downtown themselves. On the contrary, however, they've managed to keep themselves out of prison. They are currently facing a $200 million lawsuit but that'll be probably be thrown out given the flawless logic offered by their attorney for why the boys are innocent.

Nearly two years after the revelation of Bernard Madoff's epic investment fraud, family members who were executives at his firm insist they had nothing to do with it, asking a judge on Wednesday to halt a bid to sue them for nearly $200 million. "If you read it as if their names are not Madoff, if the names were Richardson, this case would not have been brought," Marty Flumenbaum, a lawyer for Madoff sons Mark and Andrew, argued at the first court hearing on the year-old lawsuit."

As a side note for those of you at home who've not yet run a Ponzi scheme or defrauded investors in some way, Flumenbaum is counseling that if one follows a two-step process that goes something like 1. commit crime 2. as the case is being brought to trial, go to city hall and apply for a name change, you'll be all good.

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