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"Billy Joel And His Banker Babe...A Goldman Sachs Executive"

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That's the caption that accompanies the photo at left in this morning's Post (not available online), which brings up a number of questions such as:

* Two months ago Mr. Joel was reported to be dating an unnamed Morgan Stanley exec, pictured here on the back of his bike. Is this the same woman, simply misidentified as an employee of MS?

* If not, does Billy Joel have a (heretofore) secret fetish for some lady banker ass? After hitting up MS and GS, who's next? Have the women of JPMorgan and Citi been tapped yet?

* What group is she in?

* Does Lloyd know about this?

* Does Kate Gosselin work at Goldman Sachs?



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When this is all over she could get a job on Goldman's M&A team.