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CNBC Anchor Gets Choked Up At The Notion Of Billionaire Leon Cooperman Keeping The Government's Hands Off His Money

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Billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman was on Squawk Box this morning discussing a whole mess of issues, including a recent pledge to give away nearly all his money to charity. Cooperman has signed on to the Buffett/Gates initiative to donate half his wealth but today he told CNBC, "Every dollar I make, I'll give it away because what I've planned to leave to my children, that's already been set."

Cooperman went on to start explaining that he just feels like this is "the right thing to do" and helping those less fortunate is what he and his wife "get the most enjoyment out of." But Joe Kernen knew in his heart of hearts there was another reason.

There'd been something emotional stirring in him the entire interview and at this moment he had to interject or he was just going to explode. "Did it have anything to do," Kernen asked, his voice shaking, "...did it have anything to do, philosophically..." [long pause in which JK lets out a sort of 'laughing but want to be crying' sound], "...with not wanting to give it to the government, where 90 percent just goes through the cracks?"

This was when Cooperman was supposed to respond, "I really don't WANT to give my loot away to charity, but if it means keeping as much of it from the grubby paws of the federal government as is possible, I will do ANY FUCKING THING." But, god damn the old man to hell, he fucked up the bit and just sort of stared at Kernen looking confused and a bit weirded out, completely screwing up the set up for JK to flash the "I need a minute" sign and turn his head away from the camera, as salty tears fell across his face.


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This'll do. By Maniago (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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