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CNBC Wants You To Do Something About Your Weight Problem

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This afternoon, the last segment of Power Lunch was devoted to discussing a line of underthings for men brought to you by Spanx. Previously women were the only ones lucky enough to be able to purchase a garment designed to suck and smooth rolls, worn underneath clothing, with colleagues being none the wiser. Now that dudes can apparently get in on the fun, it's time for you to ask yourselves a serious question.

Did seeing Tyler Mathisen's Before Spanx shot and After Spanx shot make you want to...

a. Run out and buy a pair for yourself before tomorrow's annual review-- TM looked good and you'll be damned if your ass doesn't, too.

b. Take a pass, thanks.

c. Unclear-- can't think on account of still being traumatized by TM noting that he doesn't need the kind with the pouch that 'enhance your bulge'

d. wild card.