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Confidential To All You Billionaires Out There: Kenneth Starr's Wife, While Not Exactly Single, Is Looking To Mingle

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Diane Passage is the wife of Kenneth Starr, the money manager who may go away for 45 years as a result of running a Ponzi scheme. She's also a woman and you know what? Girlfriend's got needs. So although she and Starr aren't technically (or at all) divorced, the former professional pole dancer has decided that while he sits in jail awaiting sentencing, she's gonna get hers. For anyone interested but feeling skittish about getting involved with a married woman, it's cool-- Starr already knows Passage is making the rounds and they have an understanding.

"He plays 20 questions with me from, 'What's your favorite color?' to, 'How many men have you hooked up with?' " she told Page Six. "I always tell him, none of your business . . . But if I did hook up with another guy I think it would be OK -- he owes me, he's in jail....Billionaire is the new millionaire," Passage said over dinner at MPD on Gansevoort Street.