Do Bloomberg Anchors Think They're Too Good For The Kind Of Journalism That Involves Taking One's Clothes Off?

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One can't help but get that vibe as Margaret Brennan and her colleague discuss the group of female business journalism students who posed in lingerie for a calendar in honor of Vladmir Putin's 58th birthday, which features captions like "you put out the forest fire but I'm still burning." I can tell you one network that doesn't think it's too good for this "kind of journalism." The reason I know this is because I've seen an advanced copy of the shots being used to celebrate Alan Greenspan's 100th birthday. You haven't seen a Mr. September until you've seen a Mark Haines Mr. September, who follows the August sandwich that is Trish, Kudlow and Mandy (the Kudwich).

'Smart Girls' Strip for Putin 58th Birthday Calendar [Bloomberg]


Bloomberg TV Anchor Could Come Up With 'A Lot Of Good Jokes' About Getting Pissed On But Won't

This is a serious conversation about investing though, so please, continue what you were saying. Leave that kind of smut to the other networks. Interviewee: "There are basically two kinds of waterfalls, the American version and the European version." Interviewer: "I'm sure there are a lot of good jokes in here but I'll hold my tongue and let you keep going." Bob's Buzzword of the Day: `Waterfall' [Bloomberg TV]