Do Bloomberg Anchors Think They're Too Good For The Kind Of Journalism That Involves Taking One's Clothes Off?


One can't help but get that vibe as Margaret Brennan and her colleague discuss the group of female business journalism students who posed in lingerie for a calendar in honor of Vladmir Putin's 58th birthday, which features captions like "you put out the forest fire but I'm still burning." I can tell you one network that doesn't think it's too good for this "kind of journalism." The reason I know this is because I've seen an advanced copy of the shots being used to celebrate Alan Greenspan's 100th birthday. You haven't seen a Mr. September until you've seen a Mark Haines Mr. September, who follows the August sandwich that is Trish, Kudlow and Mandy (the Kudwich).

'Smart Girls' Strip for Putin 58th Birthday Calendar [Bloomberg]


Bloomberg TV Anchor Could Come Up With 'A Lot Of Good Jokes' About Getting Pissed On But Won't

This is a serious conversation about investing though, so please, continue what you were saying. Leave that kind of smut to the other networks. Interviewee: "There are basically two kinds of waterfalls, the American version and the European version." Interviewer: "I'm sure there are a lot of good jokes in here but I'll hold my tongue and let you keep going." Bob's Buzzword of the Day: `Waterfall' [Bloomberg TV]