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Eliot Spitzer Ended Up With The One Prostitue Who Made Him Work For It

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We haven’t had a conversation at length about it (YET), but it’s been pretty well-confirmed by this point that one of main reasons Eliot Spitzer patronized prosties was the no muss, no fuss aspect. He was very busy, he had “needs” and he wanted to get in and get out. Ashley Dupré was pretty okay with this but at least one of the hookers Spitzer banged prior to AD was not. She, along with one of her colleagues, appears in filmmaker Alex Gibney's upcoming documentary on the former governor, Client 9, laying it out for us: she wanted to be romanced.

"In our second meeting I was rather pushy with him," she told Gibney. "I was like, we're going to sit and chit-chat and have a little date here. And it ended up being a nice couple of hours." Ness was apparently game and obliged these little pre-fuck rituals, which made the hooker happy and dare one say, she developed a bit of a crush? "He's so smart and so interesting," she gushes. "I would have my little rants about what needed to be fixed in New York and...he listened."

Her colleague, Brunette, was not as charitable and had no problem getting into all the shit that pissed her off about Spitzer. "I just remember he was extremely paranoid," she bitches. "I was just like, listen man, if you're so worried about what you're doing then don't do it. Even just getting a deposit from him was an issue."

And now, let's play, If Spitzer Had A "Fuck List"! Using these two women and the framework created by Miss Duke University, please imagine how Spitzer would sit down to write about the subjects in a PowerPoint presentation. Memorable moments, pros/cons, etc. (Example: "Subject 347, AKA Brunette, pros: sweet ass, everyone loves a Jewish girl; cons: constant ridicule, telling me I don't know how to fuck her right, THAT VOICE.")

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