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Emma Lasry's Got Competition

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Back in August, Emma Lasry, daughter of Avenue Capital founder Marc, released a music video from a track on her debut album entitled "Closet Bitch." It had it all-- an Acura SUV, a cameo by Khloe Kardashian and Emma telling us, "Everybody thinks I'm so sweet...I'm the girl you love to meet...boys want to take me out to eat...but I've got a secret no one knows...I'm a closet bitch." It now appears Ms. Lasry has some competition in the hedge fund manager daughter/singer-songwriter genre. Caroline Jones, offspring of Paul Tudor, may not have a mobile billboard on the side of a truck driving around midtown, but she has produced an impressive body of work for her age (20-ish). Like Emma, much of Caroline's music focuses on boys but hers is a bit more...soulful. Here's a sampling of lyrics:

From the track Louise: 'Honey hair falls in her face...wish that boys looked at me that way...approachable but impossible...she tucks her legs into her chest...the little act that she knows best.'

From the track Heart In Vain: 'You fight like you make love- with wild steal honey from any jar you can get your hands in..I love know it's true...laugh at your joy, cry with your blues.'

From the track Wild Abandon: 'If i were your girlfriend would you treat me like your queen? Would you drive me through the backwoods if your four-wheel drive machine?'

And CJ actually has some pretty decent pipes, as demonstrated here. Additionally, Caroline is something of an entrepreneur. On a video on her site she tells us, "Contrary to what the current business paradigms are telling you, this is the best time to be an artist," and invites fellow musicians and music lovers alike to join the "Clean Dirt Club" where one can share music, get advice and live chat with Ms. Jones, for a one-time fee of $10.99. For those feeling skittish, she says, "Come on, the dirt's real clean, what you holding your pretty nose for?"