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Ex-Park Avenue Bank CEO Committed TARP Fraud Out Of Love For Company, Himself

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"During my tenure I abused the position of trust I enjoyed," said Charles Antonucci, who admitted to accepting 'what amounted to bribes from clients and faking a $6.5 million investment into the bank,' and used the money to fund, among other things, trips to the Superbowl. "Sometimes I did it to enrich myself, other times in a misguided attempt to keep the bank healthy." [WSJ]


Barclays CEO Promises To Clear Out His Desk In Hypothetical Scenario In Which Bank Decides To Start Engaging In Rampant Fraud Again

Mr. Jenkins and the firm’s chairman, David Walker, told politicians on Tuesday that they were prioritizing ethics and reducing risky trading activity, adding that they would take responsibility if future problems were discovered at the bank. The Barclays’ chief, who agreed to forgo his bonus in response to the series of scandals that have hit Barclays in recent years, said he would resign if another scandal was uncovered while he was leading the bank. “The chief executive is responsible for what happens during their tenure and when incidents happen the price needs to be paid and I believe were I to find myself in that position I would do the right thing,” Mr. Jenkins said on Tuesday. When politicians asked Mr. Jenkins if he was eradicating the culture that he inherited from his predecessor Robert E. Diamond Jr., Barclays’ new chief said he was indeed “shredding that legacy” of sometimes being “too self-centered and too aggressive.” [Dealbook]