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Financial Services Employee Seeks Help Spending Bonus

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A brother in need writes:

Dear Dealbreaker,

I'm an American living abroad in one of the few places where finance types aren't still public enemy #1. I'm going to be back in the states for a few weeks over the holidays, armed with plenty of appreciating foreign currency, and a will to spend lots of money before governments around the world tax it or inflate it away from me. I've been at a well-known shop for just shy of a decade and bonuses this year are on track for the old killing it.

Unfortunately, I'm at loss for how best to stimulate the economy aside from the usual hookers/blow, bottles/models, crystal meth/uncooked bacon and cars that make the panties drop. So while variations on these themes are certainly encouraged, I'm hoping you can help me come up with some creative ideas to entertain myself and spend this cash burning a hole in my pocket. I'm planning to hit LA, Vegas, NY and Miami, but I'm open to suggestions elsewhere as well.

Carpe Materiem,

Bernanke Made Me Do It

Serious suggestions only, please.