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Former Woman Of Wall Street Founds Hebrew School Kids May Actually Want To Attend

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For three reasons:

1. The school is called the "Hebrew Wizards," which makes it sound pretty badass (compared to, you know, your average Hebrew school).**

2. The employees of the neighboring hedge fund are always up to take part in a 3-legged race, and regularly volunteer bodies to take part in the annual Purim play.

3. Prizes for winning various contests include, I don't know, freaking iPads.

Deborah Salomon is the founder of a nonprofit school called Hebrew Wizards. A self-described former "Wall Street girl," she decided to quit her job six years ago to pursue something more personal...Dressed in jeans and wearing a pendant with a peace sign, she is part spiritual leader, part fast-talking entrepreneur. In hopes of someday broadening her approach, she has trademarked her learning materials. She is about to launch an instructional iPhone or iPad application for kids called, "Want be a Wizard?" She noted that the school holds a Hebrew speed reading contest, in which the winner receives an iPad.

On Cummings Point, a journey toward faith' [Stamford Advocate]

**Though is talk of changing the name back to the original "Hebrew Bullets," which could be a game-changer.


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