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Greenwich Youth Abandons Wall Street For Siren Song Of Teddy Bear Manufacturing

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Growing up in Greenwich, with a father who works in finance, there were expectations placed on Matt McCarty. You know the ones. Prep school, followed by an Ivy or Ivy-esque college, a job on Wall Street, all that stuff. And in the beginning, those expectations were met. Matty attended the Brunswick school, then Vanderbilt, and did a summer internship at CRT Capital Group. But he always felt like there was something else he was meant to do. And one day, he got up the courage to go for it.

...after he graduated, he worked on a side project that was an idea of his mom's - a teddy bear that travelled the world wearing cute clothes. "At a bank, you're looking at numbers. You're taking a cursory glance at everything. There's a glaring difference from that and what it's like working on a start-up."

"At first I was getting skeptical looks from people when I told them what I do for a living," McCarty says about working in what's called the "plush market."

"I thought, do I really want to be a guy working in the toy business?" He did. And now he's fast becoming an unabashed expert of the business. "I started focusing on how to use the web and all the tools available on it to build this brand," he says. "Looking at it that way, it doesn't feel weird, because its just like any other startup. It took me just realizing that that was what was interesting about this to be "ok" with being a guy in the toy biz."

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