If Cliff Asness's Investors Don't Like 2 And 20 They Can Take Their Action Figures And Leave

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They can also suck it, but first things first.

"When it comes to fees, true skills should still be worth a lot," Asness said at the Buttonwood Gathering, a conference organized by the Economist magazine in New York. "If there's any problem with the hedge-fund industry it's not that there aren't strategies worth 2 and 20, it's that the whole industry is being priced as if it's skill...The problem with hedge funds being net long is not that net long is a bad idea, it's that they are charging 2 and 20" for investing in stocks, Asness said.

And if anyone investing with firms that charge fees of 3 and 50 is thinking of making noise, you'd be advised to zip it. The first person to complain gets them raised to 5&75 for the whole group and another 5% for every peep thereafter.

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