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Investment Banker And Aspiring Singer Wouldn't Quit Job To Follow Dream Until Boss Gave His Blessing

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But he didn't want to hear it because he couldn't bear the thought of letting her go. So she barged into his office at 6AM one day and made him face is fears.

After one and a half years at Bear Stearns and two years at Renaissance Capital, Roxanne was approached by someone who would change her life while playing only her third gig in Notting Hill. Roxanne, who studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Warwick University, said: "I asked if I could continue to work as a banker as well as sing but they said definitely not, so I had a really stressful decision to make. I really wanted my boss to hear me sing to help make my decision. But he wouldn't come and watch me because I think he didn't want to think about me leaving. So I marched into his office at 6am with my guitar and told him to listen. He said I should go for it -so I did."

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