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Jamie Dimon: Obama And I Never Meant That Much To Each Other

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That's right, rewrite the past because the truth hurts too much.

Fortune: A lot of ink has been spilled on your supposed love affair and subsequent falling-out with Obama. What's the reality?

Jamie Dimon: We were neither in love nor have we fallen out. I still talk to the folks in the administration. I don't agree with everything they have done. I don't disagree with everything they've done. He may have close relations, but I am not one of them.

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Taking Chairman Title Away From Jamie Dimon Is The Craziest God Damn Thing Ken Langone's Heard Today

As you may have heard, recently some JP Morgan shareholders have been making a lot of noise about their desire to strip Jamie Dimon of his gig as JP Morgan Chairman. Their argument centers largely on last summer's incident in which one of the bank's employees lost $6+ billion on a trade. So far the board has rallied behind JD, but we hadn't yet heard from veterans of the business community. What, for instance, is Ken Langone's reaction to the idea that Jamie can't hold down two jobs at the same time? Whattayanuts? It's horse shit, is what! "Nuts!" he told Bloomberg TV the afternoon. "It's nuts!" 1. Jamie Dimon is the best CEO in America, nay, the universe 2. JPMorgan is so good is can afford things like the Whale. 3. Ken loves Jamie, as a human. 4 This "whole nonsense about governance is a lot of horse feathers" to Big Langs and 5. Unrelated but important: Ken Langone would like to remind you that he once vanquished Eliot Spitzer.