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London Personal Trainer Seeking Bankers With A Weight Problem

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Have you or your colleagues packed on some extra inches lately? Do you inject each other with hourly doses of corn syrup? Can you no longer see your dick over your stomach? Do the fat finger jokes hit a little too close to home? Great news.

A London gym wants to make you part of its Biggest Loser campaign. The club is offering "a fitness package worth £1,600 each to two fat bankers."

You will be given a full initial consultation with a fitness test, biomechanical analysis, dietary consultation and physiotherapy screening, followed by 2 personal training sessions each week for 8 weeks starting from the 25th October. The bankers will be expected to follow a structured diet plan, and will also be advised on 2 additional workouts to be completed outside of the club (so they will train 4 times a week)..and compete against each other.

Alternatively, if you like yourself with a little extra on the sides front and back, consider joining the initiative backed by a consortium of hedge funds wherein various PM's eat their way through the course of the trading day, pitted on against the next to see whose pants can split first.


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