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Neighbors' Overflowing Bath Causing Hedge Fund Manager Serious Emotional Distress

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We mentioned this story in passing yesterday-- Pardus Capital Management founder Karim Samii and his wife are suing their neighbor, Guinness heiress Daphne Guinness, for flooding their apartment on several occasions after forgetting to turn the water off in her tub, for which they're asking a judge to award $1 million in damages and ban Guinness from taking baths-- but at the time had not realized the gravity of the matter.

Samii has accused Guinness of causing him "mental anguish and emotional distress." He and his wife, Tina, "are fearful of leaving their premises unattended, not knowing when Ms Guinness' willful misconduct will cause another flood," a lawsuit filed at a Manhattan court alleges. Contractors employed by Miss Guinness, the 42-year-old daughter of Jonathan Guinness, Lord Moyne, were at fault for the first drenching of the Samiis' tenth-floor home, the lawsuit alleges.

But she was responsible for another flooding on October 31 last year, it is claimed, when her overfilled bath caused "substantial damage". The Samiis' apartment was again flooded in May this year. Miss Guinness was allegedly found by the building's superintendent "in the kitchen talking on the phone." She "was surprised by the disturbance," the lawsuit says. "Meanwhile, water was continuing to pour out of her bathtub and on to the floor, causing the significant flooding below." The Samiis' bathroom walls, vanity cabinet and moulding were left damaged and they "began to experience anxiety and distress", the lawsuit alleges.

Not that that's stopped the terrorist from taking her baths all over the place.

The most recent downpour allegedly occurred less than two weeks ago, when "water again poured heavily" into the bathroom, which had only recently been repaired.

Daphne Guinness sued over 'constantly overflowing bath' [Telegraph]


Area Hedge Fund Manager: Leave Harry Alone!

As you may have heard, earlier this week the lovable scamp that is Prince Harry of Wales got in a bit of hot water when he was photographed ass naked in Las Vegas, with a bunch of equally ass naked ladies, following some sort of swim meet with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte. Those photographs, some of which involved a billiards table and pool cues, were subsequently run on the covers of various newspapers and the Queen, being none too pleased, told her grandson to get on the first flight back to London (apparently in a tone so scary he knew she meant business and "did not mingle with other passengers," instead remaining "in the upstairs cabin of the 747" to think about what he'd done). While it's unclear what kind of punishment the Queen has in mind, or if she's yet delivered the sort of tongue lashing generally reserved for naughty Corgis and her subjects at RBS, in the meantime many have come to the prince's defense and advised the old lady to back off, like the hedge fund manager the Times found on the tube who thinks the Queen should relax and have a good laugh about it. She'd be doing the same thing if Prince Philip ever gave her a weekend off. Among people surveyed at random in central London, including subway commuters reading about the Las Vegas incident on the front page of the tabloid the Evening Standard, the verdict was mostly thumbs-up. “I think it’s quite funny,” said John Daniels, 46, a hedge fund manager. “I’m sure most people would like to be doing exactly the same thing, especially in Vegas. This is his own private time and people shouldn’t be taking photographs of him.” For Prince Harry, Vegas Exploits Didn't Stay There [NYT]

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Hedge Fund Manager Are Sad

And dying from a form of cancer that attacks alpha generation, they say.