Paul The Octopus Indirectly Helped Billionaire Financier And Noted Shell Fish Lover Go After His Associates

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Earlier this week, it was sadly reported that Paul the Prognosticating Octopus, whose powers of prediction blew those of UBS and other investment banks out of the water, had passed away. Now that he's dead, some people feel it necessary to dig up the past and make a mockery of his legacy. Starting with the fact that it was all a cheap trick.

Far from being a simple cephalopod that got lucky on a 256-1 chance of predicting eight two-option outcomes in a row (matches at the 2010 World Cup), it turns out Paul was / is a publicity stunt for a global entertainment conglomerate, the Merlin Entertainments Group (MEG)...Paul the Octopus, who provided colourful if inane fodder for umpteen news and broadcast organisations during the World Cup, especially those with no rights to any live action in South Africa, was also credited with predicting correct match results for Euro 2008 games. It should be stressed that, contrary to some reports, that was actually a different octopus, and that the different octopus got other results wrong, but such facts shouldn’t get in the way of a good story...Since [the summer Paul] has been relentlessly marketed as a brand to make cash.

And the sickest part? Is that one of the people he was making cash for was then turning around and using it to finance the murder of Paul's compadres and distant relatives.

The biggest single shareholders in MEG are Dubai International Capital and Blacktstone.

Revealed: The Truth Behind Paul The Octopus [Independent]


Former Morgan Stanley Employee Turned Fish Farmer Didn't Go Into This Business So People Could Tell Him When And Where He Can Drag His Aquarium

Sorry he's not sorry about working 'round the clock to get this business off the ground. A Bronx man who runs a fish farm in his 14th floor apartment is being sued by his landlord in a building where neighbors claim the tanks leak and stink up their homes. The landlord claims Christopher Toole, 47, is violating his lease at the Riverdale building by illegally breeding fish and running the Society of Aquaponic Values and Education from the home...He has "refused to refrain" from making noises and causing odors, the lawsuit says. Neighbors say Toole is responsible for several large leaks and drags his fish farming materials across the floor through the night. “It’s irritating because you hear noise all the time. It’s 3:30 in the morning, and you hear him dragging his aquarium or whatever it is across the floor. It has changed my life,” said resident Roch McDowell, who lives directly below Toole...Toole formerly worked at Morgan Stanley and served as a vice president for Sovereign Bank. He now teaches kids about fish farming and sells his tilapia. He told the New York Post he was not aware of the suit, but said "any publicity is good publicity." Apartment Fish Farm Stinks: Suit [NBCNY]