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Please Explain The Rationale Behind This "What Does A Hedge Fund Manager Do?" 'Attack' Ad

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As you may have heard, the hot new accessory this season, if you're running for office, is to produce an attack ad highlighting your opponent's ties to Wall Street. Deal Journal has rounded up a bunch of them, including one by Rush Holt, who's running for Congress in New Jersey against former Morgan Stanley hedge fund manager Scott Sipprelle. Let's take a look.

Confused? We've obtained the strategy session that gave birth to the spot.

Rush Holt: We need to make this Sipprelle guy look bad.

Producer: Okay well, he used to work on Wall Street and The People hate Wall Street, so let's go with something about that.

Rush Holt: Yes, great idea, he used to be a hedge fund manager and those are the WORST kind of Wall Street people.

Producer: Okay, LIGHTBULB. You know those segments they do on the Jay Leno show? Jaywalking?

Holt: No, haven't seen them.

Producer: Well, basically they walk up to a bunch of people and ask them a question and then wait for them to not know the answer and look like an idiot.

Holt: Okay but we'll do the opposite? Interview a bunch of my potential constituents about hedge funds and only keep the clips of the smartest ones that'll be able to convincingly make the case that these guys are evil?

Producer: No, not exactly. What we're going to do is interview the DUMBEST ones, who by their own admission have zero idea what a hedge fund manager does. The dumber the better. In fact, we're going to highlight their ignorance re: what a hedge fund manager does.

Holt: Ooooo I love it; that'll really nail this guy to the wall!

Producer: Yes, the point will be clear.


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Hedge Fund Manager Are Sad

And dying from a form of cancer that attacks alpha generation, they say.

Area Hedge Fund Manager: Leave Harry Alone!

As you may have heard, earlier this week the lovable scamp that is Prince Harry of Wales got in a bit of hot water when he was photographed ass naked in Las Vegas, with a bunch of equally ass naked ladies, following some sort of swim meet with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte. Those photographs, some of which involved a billiards table and pool cues, were subsequently run on the covers of various newspapers and the Queen, being none too pleased, told her grandson to get on the first flight back to London (apparently in a tone so scary he knew she meant business and "did not mingle with other passengers," instead remaining "in the upstairs cabin of the 747" to think about what he'd done). While it's unclear what kind of punishment the Queen has in mind, or if she's yet delivered the sort of tongue lashing generally reserved for naughty Corgis and her subjects at RBS, in the meantime many have come to the prince's defense and advised the old lady to back off, like the hedge fund manager the Times found on the tube who thinks the Queen should relax and have a good laugh about it. She'd be doing the same thing if Prince Philip ever gave her a weekend off. Among people surveyed at random in central London, including subway commuters reading about the Las Vegas incident on the front page of the tabloid the Evening Standard, the verdict was mostly thumbs-up. “I think it’s quite funny,” said John Daniels, 46, a hedge fund manager. “I’m sure most people would like to be doing exactly the same thing, especially in Vegas. This is his own private time and people shouldn’t be taking photographs of him.” For Prince Harry, Vegas Exploits Didn't Stay There [NYT]