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The Jack Welch Management Institute Is "Booming"

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A few years back, Jack Welch met a man named Michael Clifford at a party. Clifford is the lead investor in the Chancellor University System, LLC, and over shrimp puffs educated Welch on the merits of online schools. Jackles was not initially sold. But, he told the Wall Street Journal, he was impressed with the University of Phoenix, the Harvard of the Internet, which is owned by the Apollo Group, and after a little research decided he wanted in. Welch cut Clifford a check for $2 million and in exchange got his name and face stamped on the school's MBA program, AKA “The Jack Welch Management Institute.” We first learned of this exciting opportunity in June 2009, before things were officially up and running. There were a few kinks to work out and then time passed and no one said anything about it and eventually we forgot about the whole thing and kind of figured Welch said "fuck it, I don't feel like doing this anymore."

Then today during an interview with Bloomberg, Welch mentioned that things are "really starting to take off. We're getting students from around the's thrilling." A quick search indicates Jackles speaks truth. The JWMI has a whole website with courses and whatnot, where tomorrow's "winners" (that's what Jack calls them) are being groomed.

But don't just take it from him. Take it from a student.