What Should You Invest In If You Think Gold Is For "Pantywaists"?


Like Joe Eqcome, who says "real men don't buy gold"? Women's hockey gear, for one, which is apparently the height of manliness.

Ice hockey ranks high among the fastest-growing women's sports. By some estimates, the number of participants worldwide has increased 350 percent in the past 10 years. Growth has been especially brisk in North America, Canada particularly. Players are required to wear certain pieces of equipment not required of their male counterparts, including a protective full-face mask, thus creating, in the opinion of the U.S. Department of Commerce, a golden opportunity for equipment manufacturers and retailers.

Be warned, however: Past women's hockey speculators have suffered. Gary Waller of Toronto says that 15 years ago, during an early phase of the boom, he wrote an insurance policy for a store whose distinction was that it sold hockey equipment to women only. The store's male owner, Waller says, had expected to cash in. Growth did materialize soon enough, and the store failed--a chilling testament to the folly of trying to time women's hockey.

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