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Write-Offs: 10.15.10

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$$$ Charlie Munger's Son Battles Soros on California Initiative [Bloomberg]

$$$ Man Gets $650,000 After Eye Injury During Lap Dance [NBC-M]

$$$ The 69-year-old ex-convict shot by police after a botched Midtown bank robbery on Thursday, one day after his release from prison, has a nickname that is nearly as dated as his rap sheet. John Daniel Stolarz, known as "Johnny Shades," is a career criminal with an arrest record dating back to the Eisenhower administration, according to police. He amassed criminal convictions in at least eight different states over the years, managed to escape prison twice and has been arrested two times for impersonating a military officer. [WSJ]

$$$ Bove: Banks Could Lose $80 Billion From Mortgage Mess [CNBC]

$$$When Athletes' Investments Go Awry [Dealbook]

$$$The $8 Million iPhone [CNBC]

$$$ El-Erian: What did Bernanke tell us this morning? [FT Alphaville]