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Write-Offs: 10.25.10

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$$$ BofA: Foreclosure Sales 'Accurate,' Moratorium Stands [CNBC]

$$$Paul Krugman: "Is it really possible that the CNBC-watching crowd doesn’t understand that right now a weak dollar is good for America?" [NYT]

$$$ Todd Combs, the leading contender to manage Berkshire's billions [Fortune]

$$$ AIG says Benmosche has cancer [MarketWatch]

$$$ "Our hope is that [the November 13-14 tournament] will be a real coming out party for the league," says Alex Benepe—one of the sport's founders and president of the newly formed nonprofit International Quidditch Association.

$$$Finance Pros More Confident This Quarter [FINS]

$$$Goldman's mortgage bets bite back hard [Crain's]

$$$ 14 Things from Back to the Future II That Actually Came True, and 4 That Haven't...Yet [Gawker]

$$$ Goldman Sachs employee bets colleagues he can finish a triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) without training (according to his Facebook update today, he did finish, in 15.5 hours) [WSJ]