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You're Invited: Celebrate With AIG

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Say what you will about 70 Pine Street-- the headquarters of AIG, the most majestic insurance company/hedge fund in all the land, but we've all had some good times there, whether directly or as the indirect beneficiaries of stuff that went down. It's incredibly emotional even just to think about the fact that the company is moving out of the building but in times of great sadness like these, we must put on a brave face, celebrate, and pay homage. To that end, management is throwing a little party next week to mark the end of the era. Refreshments-- presumably alcoholic in nature, as is fitting-- will be served and while the invite doesn't say, we're just going to assume that reenactments of the "best of" moments will take place. Such as:

- The day Hank Greenberg signed off on AIG-FP and Joe Casanno saying by calling him "one of the greats"

- The earnings conference call in May of 2008 when they announced they were raising capital AND raising their dividend

- The time Goldman Sachs sent two dudes over in the middle of the night to shove Ed Liddy's head in a toilet while the following dialogue took place:

GS Thug: Where's the money, Liddy? Where's the fucking money, shithead?
Liddy: It's uh... uh... it's down there somewhere, let me take another look.

For over 80 years, AIG has had—and remains committed to having—a significant presence in lower Manhattan. Since 1976, 70 Pine Street has been AIG’s New York headquarters and home to thousands of employees who have contributed to our success. As a tribute to this landmark building and to the employees who will continue to serve in the downtown area at 180 Maiden Lane and other locations, please join us for a small reception as we say, “Farewell to 70 Pine.”

Tuesday, November 2

3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

70 Pine Street lobby

Refreshments will be served.

(See attached invitation)

AIG Farewell Invite [PDF]