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A Primer On How To Stalk A Wall Street Recluse (Like A Gentleman)

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When the first photograph of Berkshire Hathaway heir Todd Combs showed up on Bloomberg late Friday night, many immediately wonder what lengths the photographer had to go to get it. Since it was announced that Combs, the manager of Castle Point, would be groomed to take over for Warren Buffett, The People and The Press demanded a visual of their prince. Despite be stalked at his house in Darien and his office in Greenwich, the single image anyone was able to uncover was a twenty-year old photo of Combs sporting a mullet. It was Bloomberg's photographer J. Gregory Raymond who finally caught Todd, and as this was an incredible feat no one thought possible, he's shared his story today. Whether you're a fellow photog, a journalist, a lowly analyst looking for a job or a peer of Combs' and just need one blurry picture for your files and maybe a sense of what he smells like and, I don't know, a lock of his hair, you'd be wise to take note.

Raymond, of course, is extremely modest, so we will serve as a translator for the tips he gave Deal Journal.

1. Raymond says: "I did my due diligence," to find out TC would be at the rink. Raymond means: "I buddied up to the towel boys, the snack bar associates, rival players, everyone."

2. Raymond says: "No jumping out of bushes." Raymond means: "I waited breathlessly, strapped to the underside of a Zamboni machine for three days waiting for him," and those are the lengths you may have to go to if you want a big kill.

3. Raymond says: He "approached Mr. Combs to relay a rehearsed, but honest explanation that he was there to take photos for Bloomberg TMZ-style confrontation. 'The best tactic, I thought, was being totally upfront,' Mr. Raymond said. 'He knew the jig was up...and was most gracious in a rather uncomfortable situation.'" Raymond means: "You play nice cop at first and it's only when they refuse to submit that you haul them into the locker room, gag and bound them and snap away. Easy way or hard way, you know?"

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Source: AP

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