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Actor Playing Dick Fuld In Too Big To Fail Predicts A Double Dip

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In fact, James Woods isn't sure the economy can be saved at all, an outlook with which his girlfriend silently agrees.

From a couch in the Soho Grand Hotel, James Woods foretells doom. “I think that the economy, and the political system, has literally become such a disaster I don’t know if it’s possible to save it,” he says. “I think we’re headed toward the worst double-dip recession ever in the history of this country. They say the recession is over. Tell that to all the people who are out of work.” He sounds like much of the America riled up with throw-out-the-bums fever this election season. Unlike many gloomy 63-year-olds, however, he’s seated next to a beautiful blonde 24-year-old who’s his girlfriend of five years, and who goes by the name of Ashley Madison.

She sits patiently by and lets him do the talking, as if she were quite used to patiently sitting by. Woods is in town to play Richard Fuld, the last CEO of Lehman Brothers, in the HBO movie of Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Too Big to Fail. The film, he says, opens with the camera zooming up a tower to find Woods as Fuld sitting all alone. “I mean, he was the guy who just completely did not see it coming,” he says, with certain glee. “He was Nero fiddling as Rome was burning.”

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